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Zubin tea is a family business since 1898.Today, run by the fifth generation, Zubin Tea is the pioneer of organic tea in Iran.
Mr. M.T. Chaichi (Chaichi meaning, Tea-Holder), began importing tea from India around 1898 which, later soon started his own tea farming in the north of Persia by the Caspian coastline. Of course, the family mastered making the greatest tea offered by Persia on the magnificent rich hills of the Alborz mountains, a breeze of moisture from the coast, a region of thousands of years of farming history, comes the most " Exiguous & Exquisite" aroma and taste. As Mr. Charles Cain, tea expert, puts it in his own words, "The flavor profile was fascinating, opening up with notes of cocoa and green pepper and finishing with the muscatel expected of a fine Darjeeling."

Zubin Tea is one of the most natural and healthiest drinks in the world taken from the organic gardens of the best spots, to grow the greatest tea.
Zubin Tea is involved in the farming, processing, packaging, distributing and exporting of its products around the world. The offered products by Zubin consist of 100% Healthy and Organic black tea, signature blends & herbs, wild pistachios, walnuts, oranges, Seville oranges and wild berries. The factory is located in a small town in north of Iran called Amlash. The area is famous for its great quality of growing tea farms.
The company follows sustainability as a way of thought and culture, where in short will be guided by core fundamentals such as Goodwill, Transparency, Simplicity, Consensus, Long-term outlook, Natural Capitalism, Common sense, Education and, Love.

Our motto at Zubin has always been providing the highest quality of organic and eco-friendly products to our beloved consumers. Our organic products offer the most rare and unique of their kind that passes and shares the experience of pleasure of flavor, aroma, nutrients and, spiritual highness to its aware consumers. It brings a new delicacy and assurance of quality to customers as well as new innovations in types and flavors that the company introduces.


Friendship is like a cup of tea…

But friendship with some is just like a teabag; instantly made and good for the moment, but they never freshen you up. They never make you feel good, and you forget them quickly; you just have to have them and never think of what happens next.

Friendship with some others is like drinking non-Iranian tea; nice smell and color, but good only to impress your guests with. They are like friends to hang out with and text your funny jokes to. They always feel right in the beginning.
You drink your foreign tea in a larger cup and serve it with chocolate. You are the happiest person on Earth when drinking it, but it just smells awful if left in your cup for some time. It will turn into a smelly dark substance left in your cup as if it is rather some quality ink to write with than tea to drink and to enjoy.

Friendship with some people, however, is like drinking Zubin Tea.
You should let it form gradually. You should wait for the aroma and the color to emerge, be patient with it and prepare yourself for it, then pour it in a thin and tiny cup to drink.
Behold it carefully.
You don’t just smell it, but feel the aroma; you sip it slowly… Live it.