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Organic Agriculture definition
Organic Agriculture, in its simplest form has been defined as "Agriculture without adding artificial/synthetic chemical substances". A synthetic chemical substance is one that is made through chemical processes. This does not necessarily mean that chemical substances are not involved in organic Agriculture, more ...

Benefits of Zubin Tea
The most commonly used and the most popular tea in the West, black tea is originally green tea with the leaves further dried - this changes its color and taste. Black Tea undergoes full oxidation and fermentation. The leaves thus turn black and receive their strong, typical flavor. The oxidation process is stopped once the aroma and flavor develops completely. The leaves are further crushed to various sizes, sorted out and stored according to their sizes. more ...

Production and Processing
Black tea, also known as the regular tea, forms up approximately the two third of the world tea consumption. Black tea production is classified as either the official orthodox method, or the unofficial unorthodox method of CTC (Crush, Tear, and Curl). more ...